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Bridging Corporate America with Today's Youth & Urban Market - Since 2004


Lex Promotions and Marketing Group (LPMG) is a full service promotional and marketing company that specializes in uniting corporate companies with todays youth and urban market. The primary focus of LPMG is to utilize its strength in grass roots promotions, urban and youth marketing/promotional campaigns, mix show radio, power promotions, creative advertising, mobile advertising, outdoor marketing, and special event planning. Paired with traditional avenues such as street promotions to effectively catch the attention of a demographic notorious for rejecting direct advertising. With the continual growth of urban trends, LPMG is the ultimate outlet delivering your messsage to an audience capable of spending their disposable income on your product.

Bridging Corporate America with Today’s Youth & Urban Market!

A full service promotional and marketing company that specializes in uniting corporate companies with todays youth and urban market.


As a multi-faceted promotions and marketing company we are able to offer a wide array of services to reach your target audience. The heart of our company lies in our strength to promote to today’s urban youth using non-traditional strategies and methods. LPMG’s marketing services include providing trained brand ambassadors, event coverage, street teams, and lifestyle promotions. We have also created four different divisions of the company to handle other services: NewMusic4DJs, LPMG Online, Graphics & Printing, and LPMG Films. The different divisions of our company handle your specific promotions or branding needs, including music servicing, graphic design, printing, online promotions, and video creation. For more information on our services and how we can put together the right campaign for your product or brand, give us a call today at (305) 974-4568 or email us at inquiries@lexpromotions.com.

Meet The Team

A”Lex” Pierre-Louis

President and CEO

“Motivated by seeing clients projects reach new goals”

Hugo Richardson

Senior Project Manager

“Just give a me a Polo shirt and keep me in the field with consumers. I know how to make them understand your vision.”

Terri Sherman

Company Liaison

“The executive board room is where I thrive.”

Roberto Perez

Audio and Visual Production Manager

“Give me silence, four cups of coffee, two Red Bulls and I’m ready to create eye catching pieces of art.”

Ross Petipas

Creative Lead

“I am the Picasso of my generation or better yet a magician.. You dream it, speak it, and we will create it.”

Timaya Williams

Activation Manager

“Guilty of spending more time on social media than with family but now I figured how to turn this into revenue for clients.”

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