Since LPMG is rooted in the music business, it is a priority that the DJs are taken care of. “Real DJs break records” and LPMG’s New

LPMG Online

In a new and ever-evolving world where technology is constantly reshaping how we reach our consumers, LPMG’s online division offers services inl

Graphics and Print

Our graphics and printing division provides professional design and quality printing fulfillment. Flyers, posters, banners, postcards, CD inserts, CD/

LPMG Films

LPMG Films is the video production division of Lex Promotions. LPMG Films helps clients strengthen their brands by offering fun, fresh, and profession

Welcome to Smart Group. We provide Clean and Simple design.

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Smart Group Features

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  • Successful economic solutions
  • Personal solutions
  • Offering comprehensive projects
  • Providing the best projects
  • Marketing solutions

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