LPMG Memorial Day 2010 Recap

LPMG wins “Best in Dade” Award for “Best Promoter
October 27, 2010

LPMG Memorial Day 2010 Recap

Lex Promotions and Marketing Group (LPMG) and its affiliates took over Memorial Day weekend in Miami. Their overall goal for the weekend was to do what they do best, promote their clients on what is the most popular weekend of the year. They used their trained & experienced promoters to distribute promotional flyers, create marketing campaigns, break records and promote some of the city’s hottest club events. Listed below are just some examples of what LPMG offered this Memorial Day weekend:

With the help of LPMG, Rick Ross was crowned “King” of Memorial Day weekend 2010. Maybach Music Group shut down the city with appearances at Mansion Nightclub, Club Pure, Take One and The Best of the Best Concert. In the streets, they were championed by LPMG’s Maybach Music Street Team, that seemed to be everywhere at the same time. Rick Ross dropped a preview to his album, Teflon Don, in the form of a mixtape titled, The Albert Anastasia EP, featuring new hit single “Super High” ft. Ne-yo. Needless to say, everyone on South Beach was riding down Ocean Drive and Collins, blasting The Albert Anastasia EP. Rick Ross also launched his twitter account just in time to stay connected to fans for the weekend’s festivities; you can follow him at Twitter.com/RickyRozay.

Capitol Records artist, Cali Swag, promoted their new single “Teach Me How to Dougie”. LPMG dedicated valuable time and planning to conduct an effective, strategic marketing plan that would combine promotions for the song and dance; ultimately deciding the best tactic to use would be mobile marketing. They started by using Miami’s very own DJ Epps from Power 96, they then located some of Miami’s finest promotional models & dancers to do this dance on a mobile dance truck. While the music blasted throughout the streets, the dancers were not only doing the “Dougie” dance inside this truck, but also teaching people on the street how to do the dance. The mobile dance truck, along with hype-man, DJ Epps, brought much attention, resulting in streetwalkers running up to the mobile truck taking pictures and videos as it moved slowly throughout South Beach’s busy streets, including the very popular Washington Avenue and Ocean Drive. When the truck would stop outside of clubs, everyone in line would join the dancers and start to do the “Dougie” too.

Also on South Beach was the Gucci Mane Team, again, powered by LPMG. Team members actively walked the streets passing out flyers and promotional give-a-ways. This served as a major positive impact for the artist and his fans as all streetwalkers and party-goers were eager to take home all that was being offered. Gucci wanted to show Miami that he was back for good and ready for action; he performed at The W Hotel, King of Diamonds, Club Pure, Mansion Nightclub and The Best of the Best Concert. Fans left these venues with promotional souvenirs like towels and t-shirts; all printed by LMPG’s graphics team.

Trina wrapped up the glorious weekend with her album release party at Karma Nightclub on South Beach. The event was sold out. Fire marshalls showed up to the venue in attempts to shut it down. She still got on stage and performed four of her newest singles from the album Amazin titled, “White Girl” ft. Flo-Rida & Git Fresh, “Dang A Lang” ft. Nicki Minaj & Lady Saw, “My B*tches” and “Currency” ft. Rick Ross & Lil Wayne.

LPMG would also like to give a special shout out and congratulations to our working partners, Abebe Lewis and New World Ent., for another successful, sold out comedy show (Memorial Weekend Comedy Fest).

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