LPMG is a full-service promotions, marketing, and branding company established in 2004.
We specialize in reaching target audiences, reinforcing brand identity, and increasing brand awareness.


"It's always a pleasure to work with professionals but when they acknowledge us, it's even better."

DJ Khaled

"When Lex Promotions is on the scene just know everything is perfect. If you haven’t used Lex Promotions yet, then you’re not promoting. If it's not Lex Promotions, it’s not the best and you’re speaking to 'We The Best'." - Grammy-nominated, record producing, music mogul, DJ Khaled

Rick Ross

"You need teammates like Lex Promotions to help take your company to the next level. I’m proud to have been working with LPMG over the past few years." - Grammy-nominated recording artist and serial entrepreneur, Rick Ross

Felix Rydz

"I witnessed my sales increase 27% thanks to the marketing plan executed by LPMG" - General Manager of Cool J's Sportswear, Felix Rydz

George Vallejo

"Thanks LPMG. You guys are awesome" - Mayor of North Miami Beach, George Vallejo


"These partners have placed their trust in us for their promotions and marketing needs."