Keeping the LPMG motto of "Bridging corporate America with today's urban youth" in mind, LPMG Online focuses on targeting the urban consumers where they most frequent: digital outlets and social networking sites. Viral marketing, social networking and sms/text messaging are a few of the most popular means with which LPMG carries out branding for our clients. Since the younger demographics typically reject traditional advertising, LPMG has found great success in this digital age through the use of digital outlets. Email blasts to our extensive database of contacts, social network marketing and management, online ad buys, and blog submission and placements are among the services that our LPMG Online department offers. As with all campaigns, our department will plan and execute a campaign to match your project's needs and goals.



  • Online Marketing
  • E-Blast
  • Social Media Blast
  • Social Media Management
  • Viral Campaigns
  • Online Press Submission
  • Online Branding Revamp